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ALL series I & II are great speech therapy tools and resources for therapists & parents.

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Autism Language Learning is a series of speech therapy apps that are appropriate for children with receptive and expressive language impairments associated with autism, developmental language delays, Down's Syndrome, and more. ALL is a teaching tool for language, it is not an augmentative device. Developed by a speech/language pathologist, ALL helps to keep kids engaged while improving their verbal language and understanding. 

Autism Language Learning consists of the following series:
          Lite: Shortened free versions of Series I & Series II are available
          Series I: Actions (see page for details)
               Targets 60 actions using over 160 short video clips
               In-app purchase option that allows the user to add video
          Series II: Yes/No Questions (see page for details)
Targets improved understanding of yes/no questions using 13
                still pictures and 43 videos

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